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Fadiga & Co is one of the leading law firms in immigration, human rights, and asylum Law in London, UK. Our forte is the provision of friendly, fast and affordable immigration services. Our experts can offer quality legal advice on all matters relating to immigration. 

Immigration solicitors

Immigration lawyers

Our London-based Immigration lawyers have been trained to handle the most complex cases. We offer quality advice for all types of clients from various backgrounds and pride ourselves in our ability to provide personalised services that meet your needs as best we can determine.

If you are looking for a lawyer to represent your interests, Fadiga & Co is the team for you. Whether it’s a corporate visa or extradition case we can help! We offer expert legal guidance and services that range from administrative appeals all way through appellate justice if necessary even up to court level.


Legal Practices area

Administrative review

Review or reconsideration of your immigration application

EU Settlement Scheme

Regularise the immigration status of EU citizens living in the UK after the UK departed from the EU

Human rights

Application under the human rights act of 1988

Long residency concession

You can apply for settlement once you have had 10 year continuous and lawful residence in the UK

Partner -Spouse Visa

If you wish your partner or spouse to join you in the UK, you would need to sponsor them

British Citizenship

Get your British citizenship

Entry clearance

Visitors Visa

Student visas

International students

Medical treatment visa

Helping someone needing medical help

Refuse applications

Rapresentation for all refused

Immigrations appeals

Rights to appeal

Detention and Deportation

Immigration status and potential deportation

Asylum applications

In need to claim for asylum in the UK?

Fiancé (e) Visa applications

The best possible legal solutions inFiancé (e) Visa applications

Points based immigration system

The agency uses a five-tier Points Based System for granting visa to individuals

Tier 4 sponsor license

Experts on Tier 4 applications

Dependant family visas

Children, parents, relatives

indefinite leave to remain

Have a permanent lawful status in the UK as a settled person


Fiance, Spouse and partner visa

Visa application

Get your visa approved

Domestic violence

Victimis of domestic violence

Judicial reviews

Judicial Review is a procedure by which a court can review an administrative action by a public body and (in England) secure a declaration, order, or award.


Covering all asylum aspects

Work in the Uk

Immigration aspects in working in the UK

Study in the Uk

Get your rights to study in the UK


With over 20 years of experience in this field, we can guarantee that your application will be processed as quickly as possible and our expert lawyers will make sure that your problem is resolved within due time.

Our Immigration Lawyers in London are among the best in this field because they are professionally trained and have sound knowledge of all the latest updates and amendments in Immigration law. We are proud to offer quality immigration advice to clients from all walks of life. Our expert immigration team can assist with all aspects of immigration law including appeals, administrative reviews, and judicial reviews.






Fadiga & Co is an independent law firm specialising in a broad range of matters that fall under immigration law such as corporate immigration, extradition, sports visas, nationality and related matters, European Union Law, and Human Rights.

Our positive and strong reputation across London and dedicated, client-friendly approaches have made us the best Immigration Lawyers. We make sure that our lawyers are capable of handling the most difficult, confusing, and demanding of all cases and come up with a solution that is in the best interest of our client. We offer legal representation to international business execs, banks, investors, public firms, private companies, and individuals on all sorts of complex to contentious immigration issues.

If you do not seek the assistance of a team of professional, reliable, and experienced lawyers for immigration issues, your application will take months and even years to be processed as deficiencies in the preparation of your application could lead to your application being rejected.


The UK immigration system can be a difficult and often confusing process. If you need help with anything from entering or remaining in the country as an individual, to applying under points-based systems such as spouse/family members visa’s we offer comprehensive service not just for individuals but also corporate clients looking into coming here through their company!
The team at our firm is focused on helping you get the most out of your journey through international business. We can provide assistance for individuals, small and large businesses alike; we work with people from all walks of life who need help navigating their way around British visas or citizenship applications as well as general immigration services that are necessary when traveling to live in another country permanently like marriage licenses or student status renewals among others!

We understand how confusing it is trying to find an answer online especially since there are now so many sources offering advice about entering Britain legally which makes choosing one’s own path impossible sometimes until after making several decisions based solely on misinformation – luckily this has changed thanks entirely to us here at Fadiga and Co.


Listening client
Having a detailed meeting with the client in order to understand the situation, circumstances and problem at hand
A member of our team of expert immigration lawyers in London make sure that the matter is analysed from all perspectives
We carefully analyse all the possibilities and consequences of applying through a certain route and inform the client about his or her chances
Once the client approves of the application method, we direct all our efforts, energies and resources in development of a fool-proof, evidence-based and comprehensive application as per the requirements of the client
After the application is submitted we remain in regular contact with the client to inform them about the progress
Even if the decision is not in our client’s favour, we help them appeal against the Home Office’s decision and even represent them at court.
On request, we can provide legal assistance in the court if there is a hearing

Same day service

After a long day, you need to be able to relax and have faith that your case will get taken care of. You should never worry because Harding Mitchell Immigration Lawyers are always here for you! If it’s an urgent matter at the Home Office- they can help make sure everything goes as quicky as possible so there isn’t anything holding up progress on behalf of either party involved in this conflict or dispute–we want both sides satisfied quickly with their results from start until finish which leads us into one major point: Same Day Service, We offer solutions tailored specifically around clients needs thanks free consultation

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