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Asylum solicitors in London

Asylum experts

Asylum-seekers who present themselves at our border should be allowed to enter the UK because they are fleeing danger and seeking safety.
Our team offers guidance on how best to apply for asylum, with expert legal advice available if needed – all designed around your individual needs as well!

Do you need Asylum in the UK?

If you are facing any of the following situations, then you are probably in need to claim for asylum in the UK and therefore, require professional guidance, help and support.

  • You are under pressure of leaving your country because of threat to your life
  • You have fled your country and are unable to return to your homeland because of the fear of being persecuted for your religion, race, nationality and/or political opinion
  • You face persecution in your country due to some reason and need shelter in a country where laws are stricter and security tighter
  • The authorities in your country are unable or unwilling to protect you

    Individuals who are facing any of these circumstances and meet the criteria set out in the 1951 UN Convention Relating to the Status of Refugee and/or the European Convention on Human Rights 1950 may be allowed to enter and reside in the UK as a refugee. In order to obtain refugee status in the UK an applicant needs to apply for asylum.

Why you need Help from Expert Asylum Solicitors in pursuing Asylum Claim?

  • As is the case with any other legal procedure, the process of claiming for asylum and submitting application is rather complex
  • Not every individual can understand the complex laws of the country
  • There is pre-determined criteria to be met for granting asylum and only experienced asylum caseworkers can advise you about it
  • You need to make sure if you qualify for asylum in the UK or not otherwise your application will be refused instantly

    Please note that UK’s asylum requirements need to be met by the applicant in order to receive refugee status or humanitarian protection.
  • If the authorities find your claims credible enough, they will grant asylum in the UK as a refugee
  • If you do not qualify for asylum but require protection in the UK nevertheless, then you may be granted Humanitarian Protection in the UK under the
  • European Convention on Human Rights. Humanitarian Protection will grant you leave to live in the UK until you are able to get back home

Fadiga & Co’s Asylum Solicitors Offers Exceptional Guidance in Asylum Cases

Our company is a renowned name across London and other cities in the UK for successful handling of asylum cases and cases that fall under Human Rights laws

  • We specialist asylum solicitors in London and top-of-the-line asylum caseworkers full knowledge about asylum laws
  • Our expert asylum solicitors will talk you through the process, explain intricacies of the law and discuss all the requirements for applying
  • Only we can provide you information about the evidence that you need to submit to the authorities to prove that you genuinely qualify for asylum

Why choose Fadiga&Co’s Asylum Solicitors in London?

No matter which part of the world you belong to or what language you speak, our expert asylum solicitors in London will help you out in applying for asylum. We are a team you can trust because:

  • Our diverse team of Asylum solicitors and Immigration lawyers can speak in various language apart from English
  • We have access to large network of translators too therefore, we can accommodate nearly all dialects and languages
  • We offer matchless legal advice and service in a language that you feel most comfortable in talking so that you are fully aware of the entire asylum seeking process
  • We will honestly assist and guide you regarding if you qualify for Legal Aid funding for your issue or not
  • Our team of professionally viable asylum solicitors in London has extensive experience and knowledge in dealing with asylum claims from both minors and adults
  • Fadiga&Co’s asylum solicitors in London will help you in preparing and submitting application for settlement after you are granted asylum or humanitarian protection.
  • If you are unable to pay for your legal fees, you may qualify for Legal Aid

  • Our company is amongst the few law firms in London who can assist detained asylum seekers under the Legal Aid scheme. You will therefore not be denied your right due to lack of financial means.

Points to Remember:

You can apply for settlement or extension of stay if your asylum application is refused under other immigration categories. We will advise you about which category your circumstances fall under.

  • If your application has been refused, you can again submit a fresh claim for asylum with new, more reliable evidence which you have not previously submitted to the Home Office.
  • Old and unresolved asylum applications which were lodged before 5 March 2007 are called legacy cases
  • You can claim for asylum again if there are changes in Home Office policy or immigration laws.
  • You may be granted temporary admission whilst your asylum claim is under consideration.
  • As an asylum seeker, you can get help with both food and accommodation from the National Asylum Support Service (NASS).

Miscellaneous Options for Asylum Seekers:

Asylum Claim

  • Through asylum claim you will be officially recognized as a refugee and granted sanctuary in the UK.
  • This requires that the applicant has left his/her country of origin or residence and cannot return due to fear of being persecuted
  • There can be many situations due to which a country’s authorities force a citizen to leave such as disputes over race, religious beliefs, political views, participation in prohibited social activities or making unfavorable personal choices (like marrying same-sex partner in a country where laws prohibit this act)

    Family Reunion Program

  • UK authorities offer refuge to the family members of the individual who has been granted asylum in the country under the family reunion program
  • This programmed is meant for those who have fled to the UK and have left behind dependents such as spouse, civil partner, unmarried or same-sex partner and/or minor children.
  • Through this programmer only pre-existing family members can apply for family reunion.

    Humanitarian Protection

  • If your application does not meet the criteria of the UN Refugee Convention, then you may be granted leave to remain in the UK under the Humanitarian Protection category.
  • In order to be eligible for Humanitarian Protection you need to submit Human Rights Asylum Application
  • Under the European Convention on Human Rights, an individual must not be sent back to a country where he or she faces real risk to life or expect to be exposed to torture, punishment and/or degrading or inhuman treatment
  • You will receive permission to stay in the UK for 5 years initially if you are granted leave to remain on Humanitarian grounds
  • When this period ends, you can apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK

    Gateway Protection Program

  • This program is an additional option to the regular asylum claiming procedure
  • It is operated by the UK Home Office in collaboration with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)
  • Under this program especially vulnerable refugees can expect to be resettled
  • The program allows about 750 refugees to be resettled in the UK every year
  • Applications under the resettlement program must be made through the UNHCR
  • The UNHCR then refers it to the UK Home Office
  • The applicant will be assessed on the credibility of his/her refugee status, resettlement need, associated security risks, family status and health conditions of the applicant and any dependents involved
  • Applicants can expect to receive permanent residence in the UK immediately under the Gateway Protection program

    Discretionary Leave to Remain

  • If you don’t qualify as refugee and also for humanitarian protection then you can apply for Discretionary leave to Remain
  • Remember that this category of leave to remain is granted only in limited circumstances, which our experts will guide you through.


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