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Immigration to the UK can be a daunting process. You need assistance from an expert if you are not familiar with how it works or what steps should come next in order get your visa approved, which is why our award winning lawyers have been chosen by hundreds of satisfied clients over time!

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Whether you are inside or outside the United Kingdom, Fadiga & Co can provide comprehensive information about how to make immigration appeals.

Immigration appeal law

What is an Immigration Appeal?

It is a process through which any decision made by the Home Office will be reviewed by an independent immigration judge.

  • The appeal is made to determine if the decision made by the Home Office is lawful, accurate and fair at the time it was made
  • The immigration judge also will determine if the applicant meets the rules of the UK immigration policy in the light of the previously presented and the latest evidence provided to the court by the person who has filed the appeal
  • In case the judge finds that the decision from the Home Office is or was not lawful then the appeal will be allowed.
  • It means that the person will be allowed to enter the UK if the appeal is made against the refusal of entry clearance. If the person is already present in the country leave to remain in the UK will be granted.

Preparing for Immigration Appeal

  • It is important that all the points raised by the Home Office in your refusal letter are addressed in the grounds of appeal
  • This is a cumbersome task indeed and cannot be handled on your own unless you seek guidance from an expert, professionally sound immigration solicitors
    Fadiga & Co’s specialist immigration solicitors in London will inform you in advance about the required evidence that you need to provide to the Immigration Judge
  • Another important aspect is to make sure that you are represented at your hearing by an experienced immigration solicitor/ advocate who is capable of putting forth your case in a thoroughly convincing manner
  • Remember that majority of immigration appeals are lost due to the inefficiency or incompetence of the advocate.
  • You can opt for oral hearing of your appeal too and at such a hearing you are allowed to call live witnesses to support your case
  • A witness may be your relative such as a wife or a partner, family friend, acquaintance or colleague
  • It is important that you discuss the need to opt for an oral heating with your immigration solicitors because if the witness is not prepared for appearing in court, the case might turn against you
  • A detailed statement that is to be presented before the court on the day of the hearing needs to be prepared by your witness so that there are no confusions or ambiguities left in the mind of the judge
  • Taking the lawyer into confidence is very important about your witness’s statement so that he/she will know what is going to be presented before the court on the day of hearing
  • Be very careful in such matters and only trust a reliable team of immigration appeal solicitors in London

Why Choose Fadiga & Co for your Immigration Appeal?

  • Our team of qualified immigration appeals solicitors have been preparing and attending appeals for so many years and have gained a reputation for being the finest at the job
  • We take pride in the fact that our success rate in all sorts of immigration appeals is simply matchless
  • If you want a solicitor who can help you represent your case with full preparation and backing with evidence then choose us only
  • Our expert immigration appeals solicitors will guide you through the entire appeals process and the salient complexities involved so that you are able to make the appeal at the right time
  • You must remember that you can appeal to the tribunal if you possess the legal right to appeal and this you will be informed about in the refusal letter that you receive

Immigration Appeals that we facilitate:

Appeal Against Refusal of Entry Clearance:

  • You have the right to appeal against the refusal of entry clearance
  • The appeal will be determined by an immigration judge who will heard evidence from both sides.
  • In your refusal letter, the Entry Clearance Officer or the Immigration Officer will provide details of the reasons for refusal
  • The letter will also mention if you have the right to appeal against the decision or not
  • You can lodge an appeal under limited circumstances if your application for Visitor’s Visa has been refused
  • Non-visa nationals and those individuals who do not require entry clearance to travel and are refused entry clearance by the UK Home Office will not be able to exercise the right to appeal and will have to leave the UK
  • To gain entry clearance such individuals have to re-apply for entry clearance in their residence country prior to attempting to travel to the UK again

    Appeal Against Refusal of Leave to Remain:

  • Filing appeals against the refusal of leave to remain or entry clearance are quite stressful experience
  • If your visa has been refused the process of appealing will be complicated
  • Such matters are referred to the Immigration and Asylum Chambers
  • The Immigration and Asylum Chambers hear appeals made with regard to immigration and/or asylum refusals and other issues related to these categories of visa

    Overseas Visa Appeals:

  • Individuals from abroad or overseas who apply for a UK visa and get their applications refused will be having the right to appeal against the decision
  • Generally the individual an appellant has 28 days to appeal that starts from the day of the refusal notice was received
  • If you have a right of appeal then you need to immediately address all the points of refusal and gather evidence in order to get your appeal lodged on time

    Immigration Appeals from within the UK:

  • If you reside in the UK and you application has been refused, you will have 14 days time to lodge an appeal
  • This appeal will be sent to the Tribunal
  • You will be informed in the refusal letter whether you have the right to appeal or not


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