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Judicial review is a process of challenging the legitimacy and fairness of decisions made by public authorities in the UK. Such as you can challenge the decision made by the CPS or the Ministry of Justice or even the Coroner’s verdict.

Judicial reviews lawyers

Judicial reviews experts

You not only can challenge the procedural fairness of the decision rendered by local bodies but also claim for compensation.

In the context of immigration law, you can seek a judicial review of a decision made by the Home Office or the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal where there is no right of appeal or any other remedies.

Judicial reviews law

What is judicial review?

Judicial review is a type of court proceeding in which judges examine the way that laws have been implemented. Judges are not concerned with whether an individual’s rights were violated or wronged, so long as appropriate procedures for reaching decisions are followed during these proceedings. This includes being able to make decisions again-the same ones they had before their initial challenge was filed at trial level
A judge cannot substitute his own opinion about what should happen; instead we ask them only if there has been compliance with all applicable regulations and guidelines.

 In certain circumstances, the Home Office may refuse your application with no right of appeal whilst you are in the UK or with no right of appeal at all. The only remedy you may have in those circumstances would be to make an application to the Upper Tribunal for a Judicial Review.  As a judicial review is not an appeal and can only be brought on the ground of irrationality, unreasonableness, or procedural irregularity.  The Upper Tribunal cannot substitute the decision of the Home office with a new decision of its own. If the Applicant is successful, the Upper Tribunal will quash the decision of the Home office and ask them to review their decision by following the right procedure.


Remarkable Judicial Review Service offered by Fadiga & Co Solicitors:

  • Judicial Review is very technical and complex.   Our specialist team will therefore be involved from the outset.


    Please do note that you will have limited time to lodge your Judicial Review application, normally 3 months from the date of the decision. Therefore it is best to act quickly. You do not need to have all your evidence as you will be given more time to gather your documents ready for the Judicial Review hearing.


    – Asylum and human rights applications

    – European Community Association Agreements

    – Deportation and Removals

    – Bail and Temporary Admission

    – Family Reunion

    – UK Travel Documents

When to Claim for Judicial Review?

  • It is important to note that judicial review is invariably the final option available to legally challenge the state’s institutions’ decisions.
  • A judicial review claims are typically quite complex as these involve accurate and narrow interpretation of the law and also require comprehensive legal analysis and judicial reasoning
  • Meticulous care and skills are required for the preparation and lodging of a case under judicial review

How we work?

Our team comprises of highly qualified Judicial Review Lawyers who have successfully undertaken all sorts of cases in this category regardless of the social status of the claimants and the high profile nature of the institution involved

Adopting unbiased approaches towards resolving the issue and offering cost-effective yet efficient and professionally viable services is our main concern. Here is a bit of information about how we work:

  • We start with knowing the circumstances and background of the client and the issue at hand for which we may seek a judicial review
  • You may apply for judicial review if your claim for Asylum in the UK refused with no right of appeal.
  • Our objective is to understand the issues that clients are facing and/or what is more important to them
  • We explore every relevant legal avenue to upturn unfair decisions
  • After analyzing their situation properly, we provide the with an independent legal opinion about the merits of their case and the best possible solution to their immigration related issue
  • All efforts are channeled towards resolving the case in most appropriate manner


With the help of our skilled immigration solicitors in London, you can expect your application be made according to immigration rules and avoid unnecessary expenditures. We’ll submit it with full concentration on helping meet Home Office requirements so there are little chances for rejection or variations that would cause additional fees later down the line!


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