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What is unlawful detention?

As the name suggests, unlawful detention refers to detention that occurs outside the legal boundaries. If you feel that you have been unlawfully detained, you can lodge a claim in the court through our legal team.

  • The claim is usually made against the authorities, such as the Office, the Police or other Law Enforcement authorities
  • You can also make claim for false imprisonment in case your rights under Article 5 ECHR are breached
  • You can seek monetary compensation for unlawful detention
  • Judicial review is another route to be taken for challenging unlawful detentions
  • If you don’t want monetary compensation in return then you can look for securing apologies, admitting wrongdoing, encourage change in policies by a certain authority and/or encourage changes in detention procedures followed by the Police, Prison or Immigration authorities

Who can Claim for Damages:

Remember that in certain circumstances, the law does not allow the authorities to detain individuals such as asylum seekers whilst their asylum applications are under consideration.

  • Other instances in which a person may not be detained include:
  • If the person is an unaccompanied minor
  • If the person is severely disable
  • The person suffers from a contagious or infectious disease
  • If the person is a female who is 24+ weeks pregnant
  • The person is in need of constant medical care
  • The person is a proven victim of trafficking or drugs
  • You may be able to claim for monetary compensation if you fall in any of the above mentioned categories and you have been detained by the immigration authorities

What to do if you faced Unlawful Detention?

  • The only option you have is to seek advice from a renowned, reliable and resourceful team of immigration solicitors
  • Fadiga & Co is your best option as we can help you pursue an unlawful detention claim against the Home Office
  • Our immigration solicitors will advise you on the merits of your claim and the probable compensation that you may receive
  • An important aspect is to establish whether your detention is unlawful detention and funding is an issue whether you qualify for Legal Aid
  • Once your eligibility is established on these grounds, our team will ensure that you get a successful outcome

    Unlawful Detention Involving law Enforcement:

    Please note that law enforcement authorities such as Police cannot arrest and detain you unless they have a solid, genuine reason
    To keep someone in custody, there is a specific procedure to be followed and many times it happens that citizens are unlawfully detained In case there is no genuine reason behind an arrest or detention, then the period spent in detention will be categorized as unlawful.

How can we help?

  • When a client reaches us to make a claim of unlawful detention, he is assisted by one of our specialist solicitors who has ample experience in handling such cases
  • The laws that determined lawfulness and unlawfulness of detention are quite complex especially in immigration related detention cases where as a result of a pending deportation order it may be hard to assess the unlawfulness of the detention
  • Our specialist Public Law solicitors have considerable experience in all aspect of unlawful detention and related matters.
  • We can assist you with your claims for compensation no matter how high-profile the institution concerned is or controversial the nature of issues involved

    Within very reasonable rates, we can help you get the compensation you seek for your suffering while being unlawfully detained.

    Funding Your Case

    Legal Aid

    Fadiga & Co have been awarded a Contract by the Legal Aid Agency to undertake Public Law. This contract is a recognition of our experience, knowledge and expertise in this area of work. Our public law contract enables us to advise and assist and represent clients under Public Funding ( Legal Aid).

    Our experience and expertise in public law means we can offer you affordable rates and an agreed fee where possible for each stage of your case.

    Conditional Fees
    We may be able to deal with your Unlawful Detention matter on a no-win no fee basis or no-win reduced fee basis.

    Insurance Policies
    Some insurance policies provide for legal expenses cover which may be able to pay for your case


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