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Our arbitration solicitors in London are the best in this field as far as qualification, experience and professional training is concerned. You can fully count upon us for resolving all kinds of disputes that are to be settled through arbitration.

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Harding Mitchell is a renowned firm of arbitration solicitors in London. We offer the best possible legal solutions in Arbitration cases. We have successfully arbitrated a range of disputes, which have often included the most sensitive, complex and high-value contractual disagreements. We regularly act on behalf of international companies.


Legal Practices area

Breach of contract

Changes to you employment contract

Confidence breach

Circumstances to situations considered to
be inherently dangerous

International trade disputes

Circumstances to situations considered to
be inherently dangerous

Partnership/shareholder disputes

When a product is sold with a warranty the
company is promising something

Professional negligence

The accident and or illness occurred as a result
of an act or omission of another person

In addition to the above, our team covers many other areas of arbitration. We have a long track record of representing clients in the London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA).


Arbitration means appointing an independent, professionally qualified and skilled expert to evaluate the formal evidence provided by each of the parties, and make the final decision that is in accordance with the law. Arbitration could be Contractual or Voluntary. The decision of the Arbitrator is normally legally binding as the decision will be enforced by the court, but it is also possible to conduct non-binding arbitration if the matter is very complex.






What You Need to Know About the Arbitration Act

  • Arbitration Act of 1996 is an Act of parliament that deals with contracts and legal agreements.
  • These contacts and agreements usually include an arbitration clause.
  • The Act was passed to provide parties with an easy and inexpensive method for resolving their disputes through arbitration.
  • It prevents the hassle of going through the highly expensive litigation procedures.
  • The Act sets out the objectives and guidelines according to which parties can enter into legally binding arbitration agreements.
  • It also provides various pre-determined terms and conditions for arbitration agreements, how to select arbitrators, and methods of serving notices.
  • The parties are however free to make any amendments they desire, while drafting the agreement.


This involves appointing a mediator to help the parties involved in a dispute negotiate in order to reach an agreement. This process is very informal and is usually kept confidential. When it is successful, it results in the signing of a mediation agreement. However, if mediation fails, the dispute is usually settled through litigation. It must be noted that if the matter reaches court, the information provided in the mediation process cannot be used as evidence, and the mediator is not allowed to provide evidence at all.

The Arbitration Process | Know everything About It

  • The process of resolving legal disputes in order to prevent litigation is called Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).
  • Usually ADR is the first step in case of a legal dispute between two or more parties and the Civil Procedure Rules, which governs civil litigation procedures in England, and also encourages parties to make use of ADR.
  • Principally, ADR is a cheaper and quicker way to settle disputes, as the court is not involved and there is no need to take out time exclusively for court hearings on a regular basis, as these take months and even years to provide solutions.
  • Instead of focusing on the collection and organization of formal evidence, ADR concentrates more on a practical and cost-effective solutions for both sides.
  • The outcome is usually a product of negotiation rather than legal arguments. However, technical legal skills play a vital role in getting a fair conclusion for the client.

There are two key methods through which ADR is performed, one is Arbitration and the other is Mediation.

Why Contact Harding Mitchell Arbitration Solicitors in London?

Whoever is party to a dispute that needs to be resolved through arbitration. Harding Mitchell Arbitration Solicitors in London, is the firm to instruct. It is not always possible to fully understand and follow the terms and procedures of arbitration, as the law is quite complex and broad scale.

For instance, the majority of arbitration agreements involve a governing law clause, which specifies the area of law under which the agreement will operate. This can be either the law of England, or Wales, etc. Naturally, you need to be aware of all the complexities, and the legal implications before you engage in the arbitration process.

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