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Occasionally, companies and other bodies encounter issues that require careful examination and the most appropriate advice. Something may need to be assessed and acted upon to reduce the chances of it becoming a matter that could become the subject of legal or regulatory proceedings.

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A carefully-planned, properly-conducted internal investigation can be the best course of action when an issue needs responding to in order to prevent it becoming a legal or regulatory matter.

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What kind of investigations can occur?

There are a number of enforcement agencies who will investigate a company if they believe they are not complying with regulations or if the company is suspected of criminal activity.

Just some of the agencies we regularly work with are:

  • Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

The FCA is a financial investigation authority agency that works with the police to eliminate criminal offenses such as money-laundering, miss-selling of financial services, market rigging, insider dealing and illegal financial promotions.

  • Serious Fraud Office (SFO)
    The SFO is a government agency that works closely with the police to investigate and prosecute activity involving serious or complex fraud and bribery and corruption.
  • Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC)
    HMRC will investigate any company suspected of tax avoidance or evasion.
  • Health and Safety Executive (HSE)
    Investigations carried out by the HSE are due to work-related incidents that have resulted in death, physical injury, occupational disease or other dangers.
  • Environment Agency
    The Environment Agency is responsible for ensuring that business practices don’t negatively impact on the local environment and will take action if they believe regulations aren’t being followed.

    If you are under suspicion for any unlawful activity, the relevant agency will inform you that they are launching an investigation into you and your business. They then have the power to prosecute individuals and businesses that are found guilty of any crime.

What are the penalties

Prosecutions carried out through the criminal courts by enforcement agencies or regulatory bodies can result in a range of penalties depending on the nature of the crime. These can be anything from a substantial fine given to a business or individual, to a prison sentence for the worst criminal cases.

As well as helping with investigations from the authorities we can also help where allegations of misconduct have been raised internally. We are able to advise on the self-reporting process and thoroughly examine your current business model, to help you navigate current employment laws and regulations, highlight areas of concern and help you to understand exactly what is expected of your company so that you can successfully avoid the risk of accusations and potential prosecution in the future.


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