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Our Corporate Intelligence practice focusses on obtaining admissible evidence from challenging jurisdictions without breaking the law.

Corporate intelligence and due dilligence

This ethically collected intelligence defines our clients’ pre-transaction due diligence which plays a crucial role in their decision-making process. It is also deployed in court as part of our clients’ litigation or arbitration strategy where it provides a crucial strategic advantage.

Protected by legal privilege, our Corporate Intelligence team provides transparent, bespoke investigatory services for clients as diverse as governments and national banks to corporates and High Net Worth individuals.


Legal Practices area

Pre-transaction due diligence

Changes to you employment contract

Asset tracing

Circumstances to situations considered to
be inherently dangerous

Litigation support

When a product is sold with a warranty
the company is promising something

Investigating fraud

The accident and or illness occurred as a result
of an act or omission of another person

The african market

Africa is an emerging market with a lot of business opportunities. However, business can be quite risky if you do not carry out proper due diligence. Our team of legally trained investigators, most of whom speak the local languages, can provide you with the information you require in order to make that important business decision.


In any potential acquisition of a business or a company, or even a part investment in one, an investigation or audit of the target is usually carried out. This investigative process is referred to as due diligence and its purpose is to provide the acquirer/investor with confirmation of material facts regarding the target and/or to identify risk areas which might require further attention.

The scope of the due diligence task often covers all aspects of the business including: legal, financial, taxation, commercial, technical, management, employment, pensions, environmental, tangible property, and intellectual property.






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