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We offer expertise and forthright advice in the areas of expert witness and arbitration work, regularly assisting clients and the courts in litigation matters and giving expert evidence in FCA/PRA Disciplinary Tribunal Hearings

Litigation support experts

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Litigation support law

What is litigation support?

Litigation support has been defined as “the process of providing consultation and support services to attorneys or others in regard to current and pending cases”. Litigation support services can range from legal research, to the valuation of property, to determining the extent of damages incurred in an accident or injury, and perhaps forensic accounting services to trace out fraud, waste, and abuse in financial activities. As our world becomes more complex and information transforms from the written page to digital material maintained on a server or in a cloud, more and more litigation support is being focused on digital formats, coining a new term E-Discovery. E-Discovery refers to the discovery of information in civil litigation which deals with the exchange of information in electronic format, i.e. electronically stored information. E-Discovery is frequently utilized by law firms and business support staff, outsourced by the firm to specialty groups whose sole role is to extract and analyze evidence supplied by attorneys using digital forensic procedures, which are incorporated into a document review format.


Litigation support experts, within this field, we specialise in:

  • Loss of profits and opportunity
  • Breach of contract
  • Breach of warranty
  • Mis-selling of financial products
  • Valuation disputes
  • Insurance and re-
  • insurance disputes
  • Claims disputes
  • Market abuse
  • Anti-money laundering
  • Fraud investigations


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Harding Mitchell provides non-financial due diligence investigations, focusing on the track record, reputation, associations and likely integrity of one or more subjects. This type of investigative due diligence – depending on circumstances also referred to as “integrity due diligence”, “ethical due diligence” or “enhanced due diligence” – is critical to understanding the bona fides of a third party.


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