Unfair dismissal

There are many reasons for dismissal, and employers should always have a good reason. If you feel your termination was unfair under UK law then our employment solicitors could help make a claim on behalf of you!

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Unfair dismissal law

What is unfair dismissal?

When you dismiss an employee without a fair reason, it’s called unfair dismissal. You may also hear it referred to as an unlawful termination and the official term for this type of termination is “unfair.” It could be argued that this topic has become more complex in recent years with employment tribunals now being available outside England; however, there are certain circumstances where employers can use them instead – such as if they want their own country’s laws on what constitutes reasonable grounds or procedure followed during dismissal proceedings (or even just one specific step).
A court will find any kind of firing unwarranted unless these points have been carefully thought out beforehand.

Unfair dismissal law | What you should know

The ability to fire employees is a crucial part of running any business. But what constitutes as “a fair reason” for getting rid of an employee? There are five factors, all of which must be present before you can justify firing someone:

  • If there’s been misconduct that results in instant termination;
  • Lack capability with the role due to their inability or unwillingness (not available when redundancy occurs);
  • If they’re banned from driving permanently by law such as drunk drivers who receive permanent alcohol prohibitions
    ” These terms apply equally whether it be under UK Law or Human Resources Administration Practice here).


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