Family solicitors

Whether you are going through a divorce or just need to establish the best way forward, our specialist team of family solicitors at Fadiga and Co can provide support. We have an extensive knowledge base and offer guidance on financial arrangements as well-child custody agreements so contact us today

Family solicitors

Leading London family lawyers

We are highly experienced in advising and acting in all areas of family law with a particular focus on resolving complex financial matters and protecting the welfare of children during a divorce or separation.  While our divorce lawyers have a reputation for being excellent litigators, we encourage dialogue between spouses. We will also guide you on the more amicable approaches including alternative methods of dispute resolution, like divorce mediation, in the interest of reducing time, cost, anxiety and stress.


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Cohabitation agreement

How you and your partner will share finances, childcare and other important things during your period of living together

Child custody

Minimising stress and uncertainty for your children

Financial arrangements

Expetise in both domestic and international family law cases with a financial element

Parentage and Paternity disputes

Get Professional, Patient & Sensitive Advice on parentage and paternity disputes

Ancillary relief

Committed to helping you achieve success

Civil partnerships

Protecting you and your partner financially without the traditional aspects of marriage

Separation agreement

Written contract made between couples if their relationship breaks down

Child arrangements orders

Private law orders, and cannot be made in favour of a local authority

Child abduction

Get Professional, Patient & Sensitive Advice On Child Abduction Law

Prenuptial agreements

Legal agreement that sets out how assets should be divided between a couple in the event of a divorce

Domestic violence

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With over 20 years of experience in this field, we can guarantee that your application will be processed as quickly as possible and our expert lawyers will make sure that your problem is resolved within due time.

Our Immigration Lawyers in London are among the best in this field because they are professionally trained and have sound knowledge of all the latest updates and amendments in Immigration law. We are proud to offer quality immigration advice to clients from all walks of life. Our expert immigration team can assist with all aspects of immigration law including appeals, administrative reviews, and judicial reviews.






Fadiga & Co is is an independent law firm specialising in a broad range of matters that fall under immigration law such as corporate immigration, extradition, sports visas, nationality and related matters, European Union Law, and Human Rights.

Our positive and strong reputation across London and dedicated, client-friendly approaches have made us the best Immigration Lawyers. We make sure that our lawyers are capable of handling the most difficult, confusing, and demanding of all cases and come up with a solution that is in the best interest of our client. We offer legal representation to international business execs, banks, investors, public firms, private companies, and individuals on all sorts of complex contentious immigration issues.

If you do not seek the assistance of a team of professional, reliable, and experienced lawyers for immigration issues, your application will take months and even years to be processed as deficiencies in the preparation of your application could lead to your application being rejected.

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