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What is an adoption?

Adopting a child is an act of love that can change the course for their future. They will grow up in healthy, stable homes with caring adults who take on all responsibilities and rights as if you were born to them; they’ll never again need to suffer neglect or abuse like many had before adoption. But there are still risks involved- after coming out clean from early childhood trauma (or something else), some people might not be equipped enough emotionally maturity wise when it comes time for this very important decision

Adoptions give new beginnings by giving children second chances at stability through permanence – putting everything into perspective during tough times becomes possible because hope always remains

What is an adoption order?

The legal process for adoption begins when your application is approved. You will then be able to choose between adopting an infant, child or teen and up until the time that they turn 18 years old; you are their permanent parent!
The applicant signs over all parental rights in exchange for full custody of said person’s new family member enabling him/herself (or whoever may legally adopt) permanently live out this life-long commitment.

Birth parents are always the child’s biological parent, and their history will be important for them to understand as they grow up. However once an adoption order is made these people no longer legally own or make decisions about that person’s life; this includes consenting/refusing consent (to adopt) depending on what state you live in. There can only be one couple who has parental rights if there isn’t any other relation like foster caretakers involved which means birth relatives would need permission first before giving up those privileges.


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