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A civil partnership is a loving way to legally protect your loved ones from financial harm in the event of separation or death. Our family lawyers can help you take that next step and register a legal relationship with benefits for both partners, as well as guide those going through divorce proceedings if they need advice on what steps should be taken first!

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Do you want to supplement your civil partnership with a legal agreement that will protect both parties in case something happens? When it comes down to drafting this document, there are many things one should take into consideration. Legal agreements work differently around the world depending on laws set forth for them.

Civil partnership law

Civil Partnership Dissolution

The ground for dissolving a civil partnership is the same as that for getting a divorce: you must prove the irretrievable breakdown of the partnership. To prove that you need to use one of the following reasons:

  • Unreasonable behavior
  • Desertion
  • Two years separation (if both of you agree)
  • Five years separation (even if there’s no agreement).

It’s disappointing that for all the progress that’s been made in the legal recognition of same sex relationships, the law is unequal here. The legal definition of adultery is that a person who’s in a partnership/marriage has been unfaithful with someone of the opposite sex. This effectively rules out adultery as a reason that same sex couples can use to proceed with dissolution. In these cases we usually have to proceed with the reason of unreasonable behaviour instead. Our civil partnership solicitors are experts in this area, and can help you apply, or respond to a dissolution order. Civil partnership dissolution can take as little as four months, if the split is amicable and you’re both in agreement. However, it can take longer if there‘s disagreement, or complex financial matters involved. We’ll work hard to get things resolved quickly, while making sure your interests are protected.

Formation and Registration

A civil partnership is formed once both individuals have signed the civil partnership document in the presence of a registrar and two witnesses.

Under the standard procedure, before registration each party must have resided in British jurisdiction for at least seven days immediately preceding giving notice and there will be a fifteen-day waiting period after they do.

A civil partnership in Wales can be conducted either in English or Welsh. Regardless of which language you speak, however, your documents will follow the same bilingual format and be signed accordingly by both parties to the marriage-like agreement at one time apart from their own native tongue
A partneriaeth sifild (“civil partnerships”) was introduced for same-sex couples under UK law on 5 March 2004 when it became legalised against campaigners’ protests after being rejected during previous attempts since 1983 while another campaign followed successfully until then with support coming not only from religious but also political quarters because its objectives were seen variously as matters affecting churches alone.


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