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Your divorce solicitors in London will guide you towards the best outcome for you and your family. We will aim to keep you out of court by first trying to use the various dispute resolution options; mediation, collaborative law, solicitor-led negotiation or arbitration. By resolving your divorce without the need for court proceedings, we can keep delay to a minimum and reduce your exposure to costs.

Divorce experts

We do everything we can to help you avoid conflict in the first place. Our team of specialist lawyers includes qualified mediators, collaborative practitioners and arbitrators, helping you sidestep the stress of a court case wherever possible. There is no divorce lawyer in London that is committed as much as we are toward our clients.

What to expect from our divorce solicitors

Divorce is the process of dissolving a marriage by canceling or reorganizing legal duties and responsibilities, thus ending the bond between an husband-and wife under Uk law.

The breakdown of any relationship is never easy and you need pragmatic, expert advice. Our experienced divorce solicitors can give your guidance if want out with the marriage or civil partnership in mind too!

Our team of legal professionals will help you through your divorce or dissolution with empathy, no matter what the circumstances may be. We’ll do everything possible to make sure that children are involved in this process as positively and sensitively as possible; however if court proceedings become necessary for resolving an issue then our experienced lawyers have just what it takes!

Jurisdiction for divorce or dissolution

If you are looking to end your marriage or partnership, it is important that the jurisdiction where both spouses reside can grant divorces. In order for this to happen there must be at least one year of residency in England and Wales since no other requirement applies besides being married/ partnered long enough!

You may have the option to commence divorce or dissolution proceedings outside of England and Wales, if you are not resident in that country. Before taking this step consult an experienced lawyer who can give advice on whether it is worthwhile pursuing legal action abroad for your specific situation with regards to both cost effectiveness as well any applicable legislation concerning jurisdiction where there would otherwise be none available due either being out-of-reach geographically which could lead them deciding against proceeding at all given how much work needs doing before applying whereas another concern might simply come downBtwn having these two options – starting fresh somewhere else versus continuing living under what amounts tncreasingly increasingly unsatisfactory circumstances – finding oneself stuck between


Advice on a full range
of family law matters

Our team of experts family Law Solicitors in London provides professional advice and conduct cases with an outstanding level of efficiency.
We pride ourselves on our high level of client care and communication. We keep you updated at every key stage of your case and are always available to answer your questions. We will also ensure that you are kept advised throughout on the costs implications in your matter to keep the costs under control.


We ensure you have a solution with the right
experience and approach to you.


Your solicitor will develop understanding of your
needs and the approach you want to take.


We will provide a detailed cost estimate before you
agree to proceed with your case.


We will identify the best way to achieve your goals
that are realistic and attainable.


We deliver on our promises and celebrate our
successes, we are friendly and caring.

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