Personal Injury Claims

Personal injury law has changed over the course of several years, and we at Fadiga & Co understands that personal injuries can be very scary for people. In such moments life is already difficult; we do not wish our clients to be further encumbered navigating nuances within UK’s ever-changing legal system.

Personal injury solicitors

Personal injury solicitors

We have assembled a team of highly experienced and effective Personal Injury solicitors to assist our clients with receiving the compensation they deserve. Our personal injury law ensures people who suffer physical or psychological damage caused by wrongdoing on behalf of others, such as corporations or state organizations will be provided adequate support for their claim
We want all your worries to melt away when it comes time for you to receive justice!

Examples of personal injuries, which may be liable to legal action include:

Injuries or illness/disease caused by the working environment, for example, the place of employment may have faulty construction and the personal injury law would cover any injury sustained by anyone working there due to such a faulty construction. This may also include psychological illness caused by stress at work. Moreover, personal injury law extends to mental scarring and physical trauma experienced due to racism at the workplace.


Legal Practices area


Where someone is not told the risks of a
toxic substance

Strict Liability

Circumstances to situations considered to be inherently dangerous

Road Traffic Accident

Claim compensation as a result of a road
traffic accident which was not your fault

Accidents in a public place

This can occur due to negligence of either
the local authority

Cycling accident

Accident due to the driver’s recklessness or
the cyclist’s negligence

Sport Injuries

Injury that negatively affects an athletes career
or his/her personal life, then the other entity is

Asbestos compensation

Asbestosis or Lung cancer you can file for a
claim and get compensation for the injury and
financial loss that you suffered as result

Breach of Warranty

When a product is sold with a warranty the
company is promising something

Holiday Accidents and Illness abroad

The accident and or illness occurred as a result
of an act or omission of another person

Injury at work

Employees can get injured at the work place. This can either be physical or mental

Clinical Negligence

Result of an act or omission by a doctor or
other medical professionals

Poisoning claims

Something that has caused any sort of poisoning
to you and it was due to the negligence of the

Sexual and Physical abuse

This sexual and physical abuse can be of any
type for example child abuse


Personal injury law is a very important and necessary tool in society, as it can help people who have been wrongfully injured due to the negligence of others. For example, if you experience trauma from an ill-manufactured product or service that was used against your will then I recommend consulting with personal injury lawyers immediately for legal representation throughout all stages of proceedings – including limitation rules which state court cases must start within three years after occurrence (with some exceptions).






Furthermore, certain things need to be proven for a claim of any kind to succeed. The party in question needs to have had an obligation or duty upon themselves (not just “someone”), they must’ve failed at meeting this imperativeness by acting unprofessionally and causing harm as well; finally, there has been monetary loss incurred because of the said breach on behalf of us all resulting from people not doing what’s expected out them!

Types of claims

You can take legal action against any entity that has caused you harm. The first option, if the group is large enough and they all agree to settle together – then there will be no other decision for individual members but accept this offer; settling becomes inevitable at that point.

If you decide to sue an entity on your own, then you will have to prove the case yourself. To do this you will have to prove that you were exposed to a hazardous material. In addition to this, you will have to prove that the material hurt you and finally you will have to prove that the company should pay you for the harm that has been caused to you. Proving that the company should pay for the harm caused to you can be done by providing evidence that that the harm was caused by either of the following: Company’s negligence, Breach of Warranty, or Strict Liability.

Our UK Personal Injury solicitors in London can make help you in making a strong case and get you the compensation that you deserve for the harm that has been caused to you

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