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If you’ve been injured in a workplace accident, we know what to do. Our accident solicitors have successfully handled thousands of claims and can help secure the compensation that is rightfully yours!

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You deserve to get the compensation that will help pay for private medical care and any time you’ve taken off work. Our team of workplace accident solicitors, with their dedication to seeking justice on your behalf, can make this happen!

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Can You Claim For An Accident At Work?

You may be able to make an accident at work claim if you’ve been injured as a result of health and safety procedures not being followed. In some instances, however, there are certain limitations when it comes down to how much compensation is given in the form of financial reimbursement or time off from employment for instance; this varies based on each individual case circumstance but could include lost wages which would then affect future earnings capacity over both short-term (i e weeks) long term(years). Regardless though – even if your injuries occurred because another person’s negligence led them into contact with harmful substances like chemicals found within industry settings where accidents happen constantly.

Your employer has the duty to make sure you are safe on their property. This means they have a responsibility for:

  • Make sure you’re properly trained
  • Provide you with suitable work and personal protective equipment
  • Undertake risk assessments
  • Manage business activities to minimize risks to your health and safety
  • Provide safe working systems

How Much Compensation For An accident At Work?

The team of dedicated workplace accident solicitors at our law firm will work hard to get you the compensation that your injuries deserve. We can help pay for private medical care and any time off from work, so don’t hesitate!

Compensation calculations are complicated, but determining the amount of money you deserve for your injuries can be an easier task. The complexity comes from all factors that go into deciding how much should or shouldn’t really matter when someone has been hurt in an accident and no single branch governs personal injury claims as they come with unique circumstances which may differ by what happened during the said event (e.g., whether there was intentional wrongdoing). However difficult this process might seem though – never forget: even if it seems impossible at first glance; keep trying! It’ll pay off later on down the road

It’s not always easy figuring out how much compensation would fit well after being injured – especially since different accidents have varying specifics related to them—but regardless we must try to get the very best.

How A Personal Injury Claim Is Calculated

The amount of compensation is usually directly proportional to the extent that you have been injured. This means, for example, if your injury was severe enough to cause brain damage then it will receive a higher level than one which only involves soft tissue damages such as muscle aches and pains from frequent use injuries without any long term effects on mental health or emotional stability
Pursuers should always consult with an experienced personal injury solicitor before going through this process themselves in order not to get scammed out of their money!

Why Choose Us?

You deserve to make a full recovery following an accident at work. If that’s not possible or you just need some help getting on your feet again, our team of experts can assist with any financial needs and provide access for specialist rehabilitation contacts so that best effort is made in returning things completely back up-and running as quickly as possible!


People often think of personal injury claims as a way to collect on their damages, but we know that rehabilitation and getting the right care at home after leaving hospital are just as important. The financial security you will receive from receiving proper compensation can be hindered when there is no one else around for support in your family or with state benefits- which means an individual may need two incomes instead if only one was present before they were hurt!


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