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Bicycles are great for commuting, but they can be dangerous too. On Britain’s busy roads cyclists often fail to stay safe and leave room on the road or watch out enough when riding through traffic so drivers don’t hit them head-on without warning due potholes that will send any cycle into an unexpected pitfall – hurting riders severely in some cases! If you’ve been injured while cycling then it may help if I explain your rights as well what type of compensation there is available after being hurt by another person.

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If you’ve been injured while cycling then it may help if I explain your rights as well what type of compensation there is available after being hurt by another person

We also have a dedicated team of specialist who are experts in dealing with everything related to cycling accidents.

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How To Claim For A Cycling Accident

After a free consultation with our London solicitors If you’re happy for us to take your case, we’ll gather evidence in support of your claim and have injuries examined by independent medical experts. We can then ask the person responsible for them accept fault as well as help make sure that any rehabilitation necessary is provided at no cost so long-term problems don’t arise from this accident or future ones if there are still issues leftover following our settlement out agreement process with their insurer on behalf yours!

How Much Can I Claim For A Cycling Accident?

There’s no set amount you could claim for a bicycle accident. Your compensation settlement will take into account how seriously injured and what the financial costs of your accident are, so let our solicitors know right away if there were any injuries or damages!

When working out how much compensation you should get, we’ll look at:

  • How severe your injuries are
  • The costs of your current and future medical care. If necessary, we can seek a settlement that will pay for treatment for the rest of your life
  • Any income you have lost or will lose through work absence or unemployment
  • Costs of home or vehicle adaptation required as a result of your injury
  • Damage to your bike or other property such as your helmet, clothes, phone or laptop.

How Long Does It Take to Get Compensation For A Bicycle Accident?

The length of time you need to receive compensation for your injuries will depend on:

  • Who was at fault in the accident (i.e., if they accept responsibility),  
  • What kind, severity
  • Extent it takes care of their injury(s). We may be able secure part or all payments ahead before full settlement is reached; these funds can then go towards lost wages with medical expenses paid out too as needed!

What Rehabilitation And Treatment Can I Get?

A serious injury can be a traumatic experience, and if you’re dealing with such an event it is best to get professional help. If your spine or head has been injured at work for instance we may recommend that our specialists coordinators meet up with the rest of your treatment team in order produce recovery plans tailored specifically towards what’s going on here! We also provide access into life changing rehabilitation programs like physiotherapy and mental health services as well as home care options which will make living after this kind trauma easier than ever before possible even though there are still long term effects left lingering over one’s daily life including difficulties adapting vehicles due primarily because their stability needs vary depending upon how far along they’ve progressed.


People often think of personal injury claims as a way to collect on their damages, but we know that rehabilitation and getting the right care at home after leaving hospital are just as important. The financial security you will receive from receiving proper compensation can be hindered when there is no one else around for support in your family or with state benefits- which means an individual may need two incomes instead if only one was present before they were hurt!


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